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27 July 2017: NPR's Fresh Air, Inside the Global Seed Vault, Where the History and Future of Agriculture is Stored

6 April 2017: TIME Magazine, Inside the 'Doomsday' Vault

2 April 2017: CBS Sunday Morning, The Doomsday Vault: Humanity's Salvation?

27 March 2017: Slate Magazine, Apocalypses Now

13 March 2017: Modern Farmer, Fortress of Plenitude

30 December 2016: The Memphis Daily News, Looking Forward

20 December 2016: The Washington Post, Dispelling myths around the Arctic Circle's famed 'doomsday' seed vault

12 December 2016: Rhodes College, Rhodes Trustee Cary Fowler Publishes Book About Global Seed Vault

7 December 2016: Memphis Flyer, Dr. Cary Fowler Returns Home to Celebrate His New Book on the Global Seed Vault

6 December 2016: PRI, The Svalbard Global Seed Vault preserves the world's agricultural heritage

18 November 2016: The Wall Street Journal, What to Give: Nature Books

15 November 2016: CivilEats, Saving seeds in the North Pole

30 September 2016: Marketplace, One solution or food security: putting seeds in a vault

26 September 2016: The Boston Globe, Hidden beneath the Arctic, a Noah's Ark for plant life

13 August 2016: NPR All Things Considered, In A Remote Vault In Norway, Repository Stores The World's Seeds

August 2016: American Scientist, Seeds on Ice


2 December 2016: The Commercial Appeal, Cary Fowler's new book 'Seeds on Ice' opens door to arctic repository

1 December 2016: Chapter 16, Preparing for Change

November 2016: Shelf Awareness, Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault

September 2016: GOOD Magazine, Hope in the Permafrost

September 2016: Popular Mechanics, Book Recommendation: More Seeds!

28 September 2016: LA Times, Book of the Week: 'Seeds on Ice' opens the door to an Arctic vault that could secure the future of food


23 September 2016: High North News, "Seeds on Ice": The story of Svalbard's Seed Vault

1 September 2016: Scientific American, How a Seed Collection Could Save Humanity


1 September 2016: Discover Magazine, What to Read in October

29 August 2016: The Washington Post, The secret storehouse of seeds that might save humans from the apocalypse